How to use Bitdefender VPN on your Window or Mac device?

Bitdefender VPN is a highly rated and renowned antivirus software programmed to keep the user’s data private whenever they connect with an unsecured wireless network. The user can install the VPN from their product, and it adds an extra layer of protection to the connection. The product is specially designed to secure the user’s data and provides a great experience while surfing the web.

Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender VPN Installation Procedure

The users can easily install the Bitdefender VPN on their device by the following steps mentioned below.

For Windows

  • Open the Bitdefender software.
  • Now from the user-interface, tap on the “Privacy” button located on the left side.
  • After this, the VPN description screen will appear.
  • Now the users are suggested to read the subscription Agreement and then tap on “Install VPN” to begin with the installation procedure.

For Mac

  • On the mac device, open the Bitdefender VPN and then click on the “Privacy” tab.
  • After this, on the VPN tab, click on the “Open” option.
  • Proceed further by clicking on the “GO” option provided at the top of the screen and then choose the “Applications” option.
  • In the end, open the Bitdefender folder and then double-click on the “Bitdefender Premium VPN.”

Configuration Procedure

Following are the steps through which the user can accomplish the VPN configuration procedure.

  • Firstly on the Bitdefender VPN, tap on the connect or disconnect button.
  • After this, the status of the VPN will appear on the screen.
  • In the application, click on the “VPN” tab.
  • Now the users are suggested to click on “Connect” whenever they want to enable and stay safe when connecting to unsafe wireless networks.
  • After this, connect to a server and then open the application.
  • Then click on the VPN tab and click on the server option.
  • After this, the users are suggested to choose one from the available options to apply the settings.

Hence with the help of the steps provided above, the user can easily configure the Bitdefender VPN.

How to use Bitdefender VPN?

The users are recommended to follow the steps provided below to open the Bitdefender VPN’s main interface.

  • First of all, open the Bitdefender software.
  • After this, from the user-interface, click on the “Privacy” tab.
  • Then click on “Install VPN.”
  • Wait for the installation procedure to get completed.
  • Then on the screen, click on “Open Bitdefender VPN.”
  • Now the main VPN window will get open in the lower right part of the screen.
  • Click on the “Connect” button.
  • Note: For better protection, the users are suggested to upgrade the VPN plans.
  • Click on the “Settings” option to enable or disable the notifications.
  • Furthermore, the user can also choose to “Automatically Launch the VPN when the system starts up or when connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi.

By applying these steps, one will get aware of how to use Bitdefender VPN. If any user faces any issue while using the software are advised to get connected with the professionals on Official Bitdefender Central website.

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