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Bitdefender Central

Bitdefender Central is a management security platform that helps users take care of their devices from threats and various cyber-attacks. So, to secure the files and folders from different types of viruses and malware, install Bitdefender antivirus software. Through the Bitdefender Central, the user can control all activities such as managing the subscription plans, parental control features, etc. But, before getting access to the admin panel of Bitdefender Central, the user will have to download the software in their device. After the downloading gets complete, the user should install the software.

Note: Before proceeding further for the installation process, the user should ensure that their device or system meets the system requirements.

Necessary steps required to Activate Bitdefender

With the help of Bitdefender Central, the users can look after all functions, including from finding the threat and removing it safely without causing harm to the system. Bitdefender Central is a good recommendation, as it offers the best user experience and can be used on all systems such as Windows, Mac, and smartphones. But before protecting your device from viruses and threats, perform the necessary steps required to activate Bitdefender Central.

Activate a Subscription

➔ To activate the subscription plan, First do Bitdefender Login then click on the “Activate a Subscription” button.

➔ Now, to activate the subscription, users are recommended to enter the “Bitdefender Activation Code.”

➔ The activation code is mentioned at the backside of the “Bitdefender Activation Card.” After inserting the activation code, click on the “Activate” option.

➔ Once you click on the Activate tab, then the “Bitdefender Central’” dashboard will get open on the screen.

Try Bitdefender

➔ Next to the “Activate a Subscription” button, the “Try Bitdefender” option is available.

➔ The “Try Bitdefender” option allows the users to try and find whether it suits their needs or not.

➔ Now, when the user clicks on the “Try Bitdefender” tab, they will have to install the software to safeguard their device.

➔ Under this, there are two options, i.e., “Protect this device” or “Protect other devices.”

➔ Then, according to the requirements, select one option from there.

➔ If the user clicks on the “Protect this device,” then they will have to choose the device owner from the given options.

➔ Now choose a suitable option accordingly.

➔ Once the user selects the appropriate option, and then the “.exe” file will get downloaded.

➔ After that, open the file when the downloading gets complete.

➔ After this, click on the “Run” tab.

➔ Then the product will get installed on the system or device.

➔ Now after opening the “Bitdefender Central,” the admin panel will open on the screen.

Buy Bitdefender

➔ The third available option is “Buy Bitdefender,” so once the user clicks on that, the official page i.e.,, will open on the screen. ➔ After this, the user can select the subscription plan according to their budget. ➔ Now, once the user purchases the subscription plan; after this, they can move to the admin panel of “Bitdefender .” Those mentioned above were the necessary steps required to activate the “Bitdefender.” Thus, once the user purchases the subscription plan, they can take all benefits of the “Bitdefender Central” management security hub