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Bitdefender offers real-time protection to all your devices i.e Windows, Mac, Android, iOS against cyberthreats. It provides multi-layer ransomware protection to secure all your confidential files from hackers. Bitdefender includes a Wifi Security Advisor feature that scans the network to which your device is connected and alerts you immediately if any suspicious activity is detected in order to maintain your privacy. Furthermore, it is important to create a Bitdefender account to manage all your subscriptions, activate your software, and to add multiple devices to Bitdefender subscription. In this guide, you will get complete procedures for account registration and Bitdefender login.

Create a Bitdefender Account For the First Time

Follow the step-by-step guidelines that are quoted below to create a Bitdefender account. 

  1. Select a safe and secure Web browser from the desktop of your PC. Open it and insert the Bitdefender Official website URL i.e in the address bar. By pressing the Enter key, the Bitdefender login window will be launched on your screen. 
  2. Click on the “Create One” link and by doing so “Create Your Account” window will come into view. For setting up an account, you have to provide all the information accurately that is given in the Account Creation Form. 
  3. In the very first place, provide your Full Name. Following this, mention your Email Address into its assigned field. Make sure that the email id you provide must be accessible.
  4. The next step is to create a password for your Bitdefender account. Your password must include Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, one number or symbol, and at least 8 characters. The green tick mark will assure you that the password you have created is strong. 
  5. Below the password field, you will see a Terms Of Use link. Click on it to launch the Terms and Conditions page. Read the whole information given in the agreement and if you agree with it, enable the “Terms of Use” checkbox.
  6. Press the “Create Account” tab, complete the Captcha task, and click on the Verify tab. With this, you will receive a mail with the subject “Confirm Email Address”.
  7.  Open the mail and click on the “Verify Now” tab right away. This will bring up the “Activate Your Account” window indicating that your Email Address is successfully verified.

Access Your Existing Bitdefender Account via


Read and follow the below-given instructions to sign in to your account via website and application. 

Through the Website
  1. In the initial stage, you have to visit the Bitdefender login page. For that purpose, input in the address bar and hit the Enter key. 
  2. The Bitdefender Login window will be presented on your screen. Enter the Email Address that is associated with your Bitdefender account and following this, click on the Next button. 
  3. You will get to see another window, give the password that you have set while creating the Bitdefender Login account. 
  4.   A pop-up box will get displayed on your screen asking you to save your password. On the basis of your preference, click “Save” or “Never”. In this manner, you can log in to your account with ease. 
Sign In Through Bitdefender Application
  1. Install the Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus application on your mobile. Once done, tap “Open” to launch the Bitdefender application. 
  2. Tap on the “Subscription Agreement” link and read the full document. Activate the checkbox and tap Continue. 
  3. With this, the Bitdefender Login window will open up on your screen. Provide your registered email address and tap “Next”. 
  4. The password field will be available on your screen. Input the same password that you have set while creating a Bitdefender login account. Press Sign In and proceed forward by tapping on the Get Started tab. 
  5. In the next window, tap “Activate” and enable Bitdefender Mobile Security on your mobile by turning on the Toggle button. 
  6. A pop-up box will be shown on your screen and then tap OK. Now, select the “Scan Now” tab, allow all the permissions, and set a PIN to secure your application.

What to do if you are unable to login to your Bitdefender account?


There may be circumstances when you are unable to access the Bitdefender login page due to some issues or forgot your credentials. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you to eradicate all the login issues so that you can sign in to your Bitdefender Central Account with ease. 

  • If you are unable to launch the Bitdefender login window, firstly check your internet connectivity. If your device is not getting strong Wifi signals, you should power cycle your router and reconnect your device to wifi.
  •  If there is no Internet problem, it may be a browser issue. The Web Browser you are using for reaching the Bitdefender Login page must be updated. Along with this, all the browsing history, cache files, and other site data must be removed from the web browser to improve its performance. 
  • If your browser is enabled with extension or any antivirus is installed on your computer, it may block the Bitdefender Login window. So, deactivate any firewall, extension, or antivirus program installed on your device and then try to access the login web page. 
  • There may be a particular problem with your device only. In such cases, you should try to access the login page from another device. 
  • In case, you have launched the Bitdefender login window successfully but not remember your account password, you have to recover the passcode. To do so, go to, provide your email address, and click Next. In the next window, click on the “Forgot Password” link and a dialog box will be shown to you. Mention your email address and click Next. Enter the security code that is provided to you on your registered email address. This will bring up the Set New Password window. Set a new and strong password and re-enter it for confirmation. When done, click Save. Now, you can sign in to your Bitdefender account by using the new password.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication After Signing Into Bitdefender Account

Bitdefender Account

Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of protection to your account. This will protect all your purchased subscriptions and personal information from unauthorized access. Once you enable 2-factor authentication, you will need a password and verification code to access your Bitdefender login account. Therefore, your account cannot be accessed by unauthorized users without your permission. 

  1. Move ahead to by inserting the URL in the address bar. Upon entering your Bitdefender login credentials, click Sign In. 
  2. On the Bitdefender main interface, you will view a Profile Icon at the top-right corner. Click on it and then move ahead by selecting the Bitdefender Account option. 
  3. A new window will come into view where you will see three different options i.e “Personal Information”, “Password and Security” and “Data & Privacy”. 
  4. Select the “Password & Security” option and then click on the right-arrow icon given in the 2-Factor Authentication section. 
  5. In the next window, look up for the Get Started tab and select it. Continuing with this, click on the “Use Email” option, and instantly you will receive an email that contains a verification code. 
  6. Copy the code from there and paste it on the “Bitdefender Authentication” window. Click Activate. With this, a new window will come up on your screen, click Done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans1. In case you want to remove any device linked to your Bitdefender account, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Visit and sign in to your account by using the registered credentials i.e Email Address and Password. 
  • From the left-panel of the main interface, select the “My Devices” option. All the devices that are associated with your Bitdefender account will be shown to you. 
  • Select a device that you would like to remove. Following this, click on the three-dots icon and then select the “Remove” option. 
  • The Confirmation pop-up box will get displayed on your screen. Select Remove.

Ans2. Go through the given steps to change your email id with a new one. 

  • Go to Enter the email address and password that is associated with your Bitdefender account and click “Sign In”. 
  • On the main window, locate the Profile icon, click on it and then select the “Bitdefender Account” option. 
  • Then, place your cursor over the “Personal Information”. Now, click on the right-arrow icon given in the Email Address section. 
  • In the new Email field, provide a valid email id. Then, select the “Change Email” tab. 
  • Doing so, you will receive a mail to verify your email address. Open the mail and then click on the Verification link. In this way, you can change the email id that is registered and linked with your Bitdefender account.

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